Memorial Park Conservancy

Eastern Glades: Construction Impact Update for Park Users and Residents of Surrounding Neighborhoods


1.   Crestwood Lane Closures, April 25-28

There will be intermittent lane closures on Crestwood at the Blossom Street intersection between April 25 and April 28 due to utility connections within Crestwood Drive.


2.   Street and Trail Light Service along Memorial Drive, E. Memorial Loop Drive and Arnot

Repairs to the street and trail lights along Memorial Drive have been scheduled with CenterPoint and power to service the lights will be restored by the evening of April 13, barring inclement weather. Construction activity along Memorial Drive caused the outage and there has been subsequent review of the work sequencing with the contractor and CenterPoint to prevent future service impacts. All of the project partners understand that the safety of park users and motorists is the top priority.


3.   TxDOT Trail Detour - Memorial Drive

Beginning Monday, April 17th, there will be a detour while construction of the new East Memorial Loop Drive intersection occurs. The detour will divert cyclists and pedestrians along the south side of Memorial Drive as shown on the image below. Improvements to the unpaved section of trail are being undertaken prior to putting the detour in effect. The detour is anticipated to remain in place until April 28.

TxDOT Detour

4.   Utility Work in Crestwood Right Of Way

Underground sanitary utility work for the Memorial Park Eastern Glades Phase 1 project  will begin April 18th.    Work within the Crestwood Right Of Way is estimated to last 2 days.   The remainder of the sanitary work will fall within the park  during regular weekday working hours and will be take approximately 3.5 weeks  to complete.


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