Memorial Park Conservancy

What Are The Updated Plans For Memorial Park?

A plan to update one of the city's biggest green spaces got more public scrutiny this week. A standing room only crowd reviewed the latest Memorial Park Master Plan that includes $150 million dollars in improvements over the next two decades.

This is the third public hearing detailing the effort to upgrade the grounds of the 1,500 acre park that was ravaged by Hurricane Ike in 2008. Landscape architect Thomas Woltz says it's important to strengthen the infrastructure.

"To very carefully and thoroughly look at the hydrology, soil types, and then look into what is the native plant community that belongs there," says Woltz.

The plan involves synchronizing the park that's been fragmented by roads, parking and recreational areas, and relocating the ballparks. 

"We intend for the benefits to cross many lines," says Shellye Arnold, executive director of the Memorial Park Conservancy. "We have a variety of users at Memorial Park, probably more than almost any other park."

Memorial Park is located in Council Member Ed Gonzalez's district. He says the plan will be presented to council soon.

"This process still goes through March and then we'll have to determine when it comes to city council for committee, and then a future vote at some point," says Gonzales.

The last public hearing is March 9th.